GrupoFinanciere is the marketing name of substantial number of companies, including banks, securities companies and financial services providers that are licensed by regulators in the country of their incorporation.

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Business Continuity Program

To further our commitment in the event of a significant business disruption, as well as meet all regulatory requirements, GrupoFinanciere's infrastructure includes a Business Continuity Program ("BCP") for the group that is an integral part of GrupoFinanciere's normal business operations. BCP plans, tests, and manages crises concerning business lines and function's relocation and recovery.

Ten Critical Components

Our plans to ensure business continuity address the ten key areas stated must be addressed:

  1. Data back-up and recovery (hard copy and electronic) - identification of the location of primary books and records (hard copy and electronic) and the location of back-up books and records (hard copy and electronic). The group is fully prepared to back up data, as well as recover data in the event of a significant business disruption.
  2. All mission critical systems - The Group has established systems that are necessary, to ensure prompt and accurate processing of transactions, the maintenance of customer accounts, access to customer accounts and the delivery of funds and products and solutions.
  3. Financial and operational assessments - written procedures that allow a firm to identify changes in its operational, financial, and credit risk exposures. Operational risk focuses on the firm's ability to maintain communications with customers and to retrieve key activity records through its "mission critical systems." Financial risk relates to the firm's ability to continue to generate revenue and to retain or obtain adequate financing and sufficient equity. Firms may also face credit risk (e.g., where its investments may erode from the lack of liquidity in the broader market), which would also hinder the ability of the firm's counter-parties to fulfill their obligations. The Group has a strong risk assessment and management system in place to address the financial, operational and credit risk originating from its business.
  4. Alternate communications between customers and firm - alternate means of communications has been identified that will be used to communicate with the customers in the event of a significant business disruption.
  5. Alternate communications between firm and its employees - alternate means of communications has been identified that will be used to communicate with employees in the event of a significant business disruption.
  6. Alternate physical location of employees - alternate locations have been designated for employees, including key personnel that have been identified to assist in the resumption of business operations.
  7. Critical business constituents, banks, and counter-party impact - The Group has deliberated and determined the way forward, on the effect a significant business disruption will have its relationship with its critical business constituents, banks, and counter-parties, and how it will deal with those impacts.
  8. Regulatory reporting - available means a firm can use to continue its compliance with regulatory reporting requirements have been identified and established by the Group..
  9. The Group has adequately provided for risks arising from potential distruptive events and has a Disaster Management policy in place which includes, inter-alia, Insurance covers and other loss-mitigation mechanisms
  10. Providing customers prompt access to their funds and securities - The Group has in place established measures that will be used to make customer funds and securities available to customers in the event of a significant business disruption.

Global Network

Against a backdrop of increasing globalization in the world economy, GrupoFinanciere is very well-positioned, significant regional diversification and substantial revenue streams from all the major regions of the world.

We have established strong bases in all major emerging markets, and therefore have good prospects for business growth in fast-growing economies, including the Asia Pacific region, Central and Eastern Europe, and shortly Latin America.

We are well placed to benefit from resilient conditions, and from continued strong levels of corporate activity in the euro zone.

Our Location Finder provides address and contact information of our locations worldwide, including:

  • Retail banking branches including self-service zones
  • Locations servicing Wealth Management clients
  • Locations servicing corporates and financial institutions in Germany and beyond


Spain (Controlling)

Avenida Diagonal, 640 6a Planta 08017 Barcelona

Italy (Corporate)

Via Savonarola 217, 35137 Padova, Italy

Hong Kong (Investment Banking)

20/F, One International Finance Centre, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong

Stockholm (AMC)

Krejaren 2, Ostermalmstorg 1, Stockholm, Sweden

Luxembourg (Tax Seat)

46A Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg

Geneva (Insurance & Wholesale Banking)

Rue du Rhone 14, Geneva 1204, Switzerland

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