The "GrupoFinanciere" identity first appeared in 1999, as a business unit for Hamilton SA a global trading unit, investing in providing hedging solutions, special situation financing and investments in underperforming assets. GrupoFinanciere operated as a Business Unit within the Holding Company. Identity was elevated to corporate status only with the acquisition of regulated entities. Over the years, GrupoFinanciere has employed many avatars which are shown below.

As a business unit, GrupoFinanciere provided suppliers with solutions to achieve profitable, managing ingredient and input costs, when, increasing market volatility and mounting competitive pressures made it difficult to feel confident in mitigating commodity price risk.

Since its origins the GrupoFinanciere has been providing liquidity solutions by managing price risk, which implies minimizing market-driven surprises that can adversely impact business outcomes.

GrupoFinanciere's market driven liquidity solutions helped:

  • Defend market share
  • Protect margins
  • Secure budgets
  • Stabilize pricing
  • Eliminate surprises

Due to the success of GrupoFinanciere's market driven activities, GrupoFinanciere emerged as a premier liquidity solutions provider.

Exploring the Origins Through Graphics

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F, Red and Grey?

The contours and colours of the logo have been modified over time and eventually settled on red and grey. The emphasis on F is to signify the Latin Word Fiducia - or - trust and assurance. Prehistorically the colour red is associated with determination and passion, which are the foundations of GrupoFinanciere's business. The colour grey is the tempering force.